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Pixel 2 is coming on October 4

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Google 4 oct event

New Pixels are releasing this October

Pixel was the first smartphone by Google, which was released last year. This device became very popular for its great camera, great built and pure stock android.

However, Pixels were also criticized for its very high price and iPhone like design.

Just a day after launching of iPhone 8, 8 plus an iPhone X(Ten), Google released a teaser and website for the upcoming pixel smartphone.

Google titled that video “Funny you should ask” and shows some questions in Google search like “What’s wrong with my phone’s battery“, “Why my phone is always out of storage“, and much more like this.

You can see the full teaser here.


Obviously, Google is trying to mock Apple iPhone here by releasing this video just after releasing of new iPhones and showing questions that resemble with iPhone users like a small battery and limited storage.

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Pixel release date is so close now but there are not many leaks about Pixels while iPhone X is looking exactly as we have seen in many renders. So, Google has achieved success to make Pixel 2 a mystery.

Still, let’s round up what we know about new Pixels until now.

How many Pixels?

Same like last year, this time also there will be two pixels. It is reported that small version of the Pixel 2 is making HTC while bigger version will be made by LG. Last year the both Pixels were made by the Google.

PIxel 2 Render
PIxel 2 Render

What to expect from Pixel 2?

Google was testing out chips from Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek but most probably it will go with Qualcomm’s not yet announced Snapdragon 836. Last year, Pixel’s camera was the one the best camera on any smartphone. Google would like to have that crown again with improved camera specs. However, they are not going with 2 cameras.

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There is also a rumour about squeezable edge on Pixel 2 as we have seen on HTC 11. Squeezable edge is pressure sensitive which triggers any actions when pressure applies like a camera or Google Assistant.

Android Oreo will be out of the box in PIxel 2 and it will be the first Android Oreo smartphone just like they have done with Nougat in Pixel.

Final words

After seeing iPhone X, we expect that next Pixel also should have a bezel-free design like any flagship in 2017. We are still have not got any solid feature proofs we are very excited for the next the Pixel.




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